Modul pentru controlul sistemelor electrice
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Control of Electric Drive Systems
Order No.: CLP 20

System description

For the automation of technical processes in industry, some form of PLC system is used as a primary system for controlling the individual automation components. To drastically reduce the cabling and maintenance required in manufacturing plants, the system components are all coupled by way of a standardised field-bus system. This enables a de-centralising of the automation components, i.e. immediately in the vicinity of the sensorics and actuators. The standardised, open protocol of the field-bus allows systems of different manufacture to communicate with each other. To retain the real-time requirements of a process automation, the field bus operates at a high transfer rate. The PROFIBUS-DP field-bus, used in this equipment set, is commonly used in industry and presents a practical application of drive and automation engineering for the students. The main emphasis of the exercises included in the training system CLP 20, is on project planning and programming the PLC and the Operator panel, as well as operating and parameter adjustment of the frequency converter and field-bus system. The Lucas-Nülle servo brake can be used in this training system for loading the frequency converter controlled drive machine. Here, various production machines can be simulated and their parameters adjusted, for example ventilator, winding drive machine, calender (cloth roller), compressor or an inertia wheel. All component parts of this equipment set are industrial systems, didactically prepared, where the parameters can be adjusted and programmed with the original software. The system can of course, also be operated without the PROFIBUS-DP field-bus system, then, all control inputs and outputs at the frequency converter are connected using the 4mm safety-protected sockets. The equipment set is also available in the 1kW-class.

Topics covered

  • Parameter adjustment, programming and operating a PLC system
  • Project planning and operating an Operator panel
  • Parameter adjustment and operating a frequency converter
  • Project planning and operating a field-bus system
  • Optimising the parameters to the various adjustable work machines